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We are a community of people inspired to be the best, do the best and build the best solutions. Our hub stimulates innovation and creativity. We provide a colorful convenient work space with practical tools and resources to motivate, guide and drive achievers to attain their goals, objectives and what they need to take their business to the next level.


At the Lighthouse we inspire young people to believe in their dreams, create solutions and achieve success.


We are learning everyday in every way. Education is the key to progress.


An ecosystem to motivate and equip young people with skills to achieve their dreams.


Networking within the community helps to exchange skills to grow your business.


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We offer spaces for various activities and events like training, meetings, conferences, seminars, board meetings, end of year parties and lots lots more at affordable prices. Our facilities are designed to ensure your comfort.

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We offer trainings for in house members. Individuals interested in growing and acquiring new skills to enhance their productivity in their business can join. Experienced tutors are available for one on one counselling in the hub.

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Creative Corner

Creative corner inspired the Friday LiteChat. We invite guests from different walks of life to enlighten us on their views, work ethics and how it relates to technology and other aspect of life. The Lighthouse will inspire you to be creative.

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Our community provides opportunities to meet like minded professionals . Our members attend training and events organized in the hub. Membership is open to all parties who are interested in growing and achieving their goals.


Latest events coming up at the hub

TLIG Africa Summit 2017


Every Friday, 5:00pm

Friday LiteChat Live Streaming is a lively conversation where we learn to use our experience to inform and educate others and also to share interest with mixed-media art. No rules, No mistake, Just fun We open opportunity for networking within the community. Join us online on twitter @Lighthouseshub and Facebook @TheLighthouse every Friday by 5 pm for an interesting live conversation. To be part of the live show contact Irene 08062364937, 01-4538875.


1st - 3rd Noverber 2017

POP Up Market is an event that allows both SME's and individual to showcase, sell and buy; new and old wares, gadgets, products etc. The platform was created to enable them to sell, network, get consumer feedback and purchase products in a conducive location.The event will be open to the public in a secure environment, anyone can walk in and purchase or make inquiries at any of the stands.

ICITP Certification Course Training 2017

Saturday, 5th August 2017

ICITP - The Institute of Chartered IT Professionals is a prestigious Information Technology Professional Body. The training is focused on undergraduates and graduates who may undergo the IT vocational training in their country or South Africa and will be placed in experiential; learning with companies in their country or South Africa with opportunities for entrepreneurship or employment.

Digital and Social Media Training

-- Coming Soon --

Covers the basic principles of social media analytics both for beginners and for marketers who want to refresh their knowledge and grow their business using the media. It aims to help anybody involved in social media analytics, no matter whether you are working for a brand, an agency or in the media or running your own business. Get expert training on individual social media networks.

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